Life at Archery

Life at Archery

At Archery, we deeply believe that the well-being and fulfilment of our employees is one of the foundations of our success, so we offer a friendly and stimulating working environment.

Our human-scale firm embodies strong values and an inspiring culture. Our simple, responsive organization encourages initiative and enables Archers to rapidly gain autonomy and responsibility.

A personalized support for Archers in a flexible working environment

The nature of our business means that we prefer to organize our work flexibly, so that everyone can adapt their working pace. Our telecommuting charter has been designed with this in mind, to enable Archers to achieve greater flexibility in the organization of their work and a better work-life balance.

Archery is committed to preserving the balance necessary for its employees to flourish throughout their career. To this end, we support our employees’ projects, whether in terms of taking a gap year and/or adapting their working hours.

Becoming a parent is an important step in life. To ensure that Archers can take full advantage of this special moment, we strive to adapt the pace, workload, and organization of work around the birth and at least the first few months thereafter. We have especially extended maternity leave by 4 weeks and paternity leave by 2 weeks beyond the legal minimum.

In addition, to give our Archers a break from this demanding and time-consuming profession, we have also introduced a “Happy Week”, corresponding to an extra week’s leave per year for our Archers who have been with us for at least 5 years.

Why we like working at Archery

Rémy Bonnery 


“I had the opportunity to carry out several joint assignments between the Paris and Frankfurt offices.
I work on large-scale, high-impact European projects with consultants from both offices, to develop relationships with them and learn from cultural differences.”

Hanna Brauksiepe

Project Manager

“I work in a highly motivated team on topics that fascinate me and create added value for our customers. I also like working in a company that cares about the health of its employees by offering flexible working models so that everyone can choose their individual work-life-balance. “

Marianne Arnolfo

Associate Project Manager

“Archery has all the advantages of a human-sized company, it is made up of a sum of individuals where everyone knows each other regardless of the hierarchy. Each Archer can actively participate in the life of the company (HR, sectorial studies, carbon footprint reduction, events…) and contribute to its development.”

Théo Mange


“We are working on major strategic Programs with strong sovereignty stakes.

What I appreciate most is deepening my technical expertise of the product, understand the challenges of the Program and therefore better support the client.”

Manon de la Motte Saint Pierre

Senior Project Manager

“I evolve in a stimulating and formative environment while being  close to the industry
I thrive on the spirit of conviviality, the commitment of the teams, the experience of the Partners and the numerous growth possibilities.”

Luc Fortin


“Archery Strategy Consulting is the opportunity to work in the demanding environment of a Top Management Consulting firm offering to its Juniors, autonomy on strategic topics, early client exposure and close collaboration with management and Partners.”

Teambuilding events

The notion of cohesion is fundamental to our firm, and this is the meaning of our affiliation value. To cultivate a sense of belonging from day one, every member of our team follows an integration program. This integration period includes formal and informal meetings with employees at different levels, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in our culture and DNA, while benefiting from specialized training.

Since the firm was founded, a seminar has been held for all our teams every summer. Then there are the Friday rituals of breakfast and lunch, when we all get together for some convivial moments. Finally, we meet twice a month to share information on the life and development of the company.

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