Public / Mobility

Public / Mobility

Public transportation – From mass transit operator to mobility services provider

In the long term, Public transportation activity will be impacted by several porwerful forces : urbanization, congestion, environmental issues, regulation, liberalization and opening-up of public markets, and obviously digital transformation. In the short to medium term, the Public transportation players (operators, regulators, digital start-ups…) must pursue and successfully complete the initiated digital transformation which led to a multiplication of mobility offers, a deletion of the public / private boundaries, and a very sharp focus on a smoother passenger experience. In this digital transformation context, Public transportation operators need to re invent the proposed mobility services, to re think inter-modality but also to anticipate the arrival of the autonomous vehicle. They also need to review their current maintenance operations to counter a strong international competition in which several new comers are emerging.


Stéphane Albernhe


Bertrand Mouly-Aigrot

Partner and Managing Director France


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