Nuclear energy – Money time !

If, at the global scale, nuclear energy is an important tool to answer the climate change challenge which can go hand in hand with the development of renewable energies, the French industry is in a critical period. It is facing an unprecedented crisis while the need for competitiveness has never been as crucial for France and its industry to extend the use and renew its nuclear park. After a long period with no major program, it now has to make a competitive jump. All the industry is concerned : the major players for which the merger of EDF and Areva NP activities is a real opportunity, and the main Tier-1 suppliers that have to become partners with a high added value, more focused on R&D and export. To overcome these challenges, the French nuclear industry needs a strong industrial coordination, along the lines of the French Aerospace industry which is considered as a reference in France in terms of industry coordination and structure.


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