Defense – Building the European Defense industry and conquering export markets

The complexity and the instability of global geopolitics have led to the revival of some, and the emergence of other disturbing military doctrines resulting in a fast-paced acceleration of industrial footprints in the Defense sector. Vigilance is needed for European countries, especially since most of them are subject to Defense budget constraints. The structuring of a European Defense consistent with its original ambitions seems necessary to ensure the required level of operational performance to guaranty their security, and even their sovereignty. The primary objective of the Defense industry players is to meet army’s demand, be it for foreign operations or for the national territory. This means delivering platforms or systems in line with technical specifications, on time and within the budgets initially allocated. Furthermore, industrials must take into account MRO contracts, whose duration are increasing. Simultaneously, they need to tap into export contracts to secure growth. This requires a new approach to sales strategy, product offering and product policy. Finally, the increasing expectation in terms of local content / ToT forces industry players to rethink their marketing strategy, Core / non-Core policy, their industrial model as well as the whole supply chain design.


Stéphane Albernhe


Bertrand Mouly-Aigrot

Partner and Managing Director France

Grégoire de Belenet


Arthur Séjor


Rémy Bonnery


Antoine Kimmel




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