Engineering competitiveness

Engineering competitiveness

Although they often represent a small share of Programs costs, Engineering activities have a major impact on overall competitiveness. However, Engineering activities are complex to steer and monitor, as deliverables and activities are difficult to define upfront and situations are highly variable.

 Over the past few years, new tools and operating models have disrupted engineering practices, enabling new entrants to conquer positions : for legacy players, optimising Engineering competitiveness is becoming a priority to secure ongoing projects, but also to preserve their position in the long run.

Working with several engineering departments in the Aerospace, Energy and Defense sectors, Archery has developed strong convictions regarding ways to successfully improve competitiveness, by aligning the whole organization on the endgame of engineering activities (the performance on the whole Program lifecycle), ensuring rigorous steering & monitoring and anticipating a dynamic evolution of engineering capabilities.


Energy Infrastructures

Energy infrastructures : Setting up of a local Engineering center (transferred to the construction site): deployment on construction site of multiple tailored Engineering centres for each required discipline, to address the Engineering activities faster (with shorter convergence loops),and implementation of de-clashing methods to speed up clash treatment.

Satellites Prime Contractor

Archery supported detailed definition of the System Engineering sequence for a new-generation satellite Program for a Prime contractor in Aerospace. The Program had launched with a 2-year shift and no active client and was experiencing first delays in a critical milestone. Archery helped detail the engineering sequence leading up to the milestone, associating contribution from Product Engineering teams, precised resource requirements at System Engineering level and implemented robust steering and monitoring practices to achieve targets.

Nuclear Energy Player

Archery supported a project company and its extended enterprise environment in the development and performance improvement of Engineering activities in Nuclear New Build. The 20bn€+ project was in a phase when engineering is still the main activity while construction activities have to ramp-up. The client faced difficulties to deliver engineering in line with schedule and expected maturity, but also connecting engineering with procurement, construction and commissionning. Archery helped the client deliver higher performance on engineering activities for the project, especially on schedule, while improving collaboration between all involved entities (Extended Enterprise approach). Archery also helped create in- depth connection and consistency between Engineering activities and other phases of the project.


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