Air transportation – Constant evolution in Business Models

The air transportation sector is described by a growing segmentation of the economic models (Low-Cost vs. Premium, long or medium range focus, specific OD, point to point vs. transit Hub…) that forces historical airline companies to constantly push forward and reinforce both their positioning and their value proposition.The result is a severe competition both on price and on service quality. The competition also intensifies between airports, whose Business Models are evolving. These need to focus more on flying passengers and on non-aerial businesses, they are becoming more complex and have to aim for excellence on multiple dimensions (safety/security, flight operation, flows management, business, development of territories attractiveness, sustainable development, traffic development…).


Stéphane Albernhe


Bertrand Mouly-Aigrot

Partner and Managing Director France

Matthias Feix
Partner and Managing Director Germany
Guillaume Hue
Arthur Séjor
Senior Project Manager
Rémy Bonnery
Senior Project Manager


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