Business capture

Business capture

Business capture is critical in Large Programs industries (Aerospace – Defense – Security, Transportation – Logisitics – Mobility and Energy – Environment) where opportunities are few but essential to fuel growth. Each major RFP is an opportunity to secure activity for years to come, but RFP also represent a heavy investment and as such should be approached with utmost care and a rigorous methodology to maximize win rate and profitability.

Archery has developed tools to help you succeed at each step of the way : before RFI, to target most addressable opportunities and generate leads, before RFP to analyze key success factors and competitive positioning and identify key stakeholders and relevant partners, and finally, after RFP, to optimize pricing and stakeholder management.


Public Transportation Operator

Archery helped a public transport operator build a Business Capture plan to secure the renewal of a strategic contract in the US. Archery helped analyze customer’s perceptions and expectations, identify the expected competitive landscape and the best ways to differentiate, and design a Business Capture plan.


Stéphane Albernhe


Bertrand Mouly-Aigrot

Partner and Managing Director France

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Partner and Managing Director Germany
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