Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment


The Energy sector is under the spotlight. It is at the heart of the political, social, environmental and economic debates. Besides, the players of the sector are under strong pressure to meet multiple challenges. The profound technological and industrial changes (energy transition, production and storage of electricity, smart grids, low carbon energy, fragmentation and internationalization of the value chain…) represent attractive opportunities, but at the same time threats, which force the industry players to undergo major transformations. They will have to rethink their strategic positioning, streamline their operational implementation and revise and adapt their Business Models. Those who succeed will remodel the sector to their advantage.


Renewable energies

Renewable energies will represent a significant part of energy production in the future.

Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is an important tool to answer the climate change challenge which can go hand in hand with the development of renewable energies.

Power Transportation & Distribution

Transportation and Distribution systems are the backbone to support our transition to clean energy system with a global increase of new vectors in Europe (e.g. electricity, green gas, H2) with stable or declining demand on other.

Oil & Gas

Even if energy demand is still growing driven by population increase and the industrialization of the emerging countries, the incumbents, used to historical high margins, need to re invent themselves to better answer the need for cost reduction to remain competitive in the evolving global energy market.





Archery assisted a player in the Nuclear industry to define its development strategy and its positioning on a difficult market segment. Our approach was to implement a process of co-design with the customer leadership team on all the dimensions of the development strategy (analysis of market trends and customer expectations, lessons learnt from past successes and failures, assessment of core capabilities,…) to tap into their business acumen and secure their buy-in of the strategic roadmap.


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