Design / Redesign-to-cost

Design / Redesign-to-cost

Archery is supporting all its customers in enhancing their competitiveness. As such, Archery is able to adapt the competitiveness levers to the specificities the situation is requiring. Design/ redesign-to-costs/ to-value/ to-manufacture is a powerful tool to gain competitiveness in addition to more traditional levers (purchasing optimization, direct or indirect functions resizing, etc.).

Archery has developed a redesign-to-cost approach taking advantage of all the product related levers (functional needs simplification, standardization, adjustment of technical specifications to functional needs, etc.) that optimize costs but also weight (esp. important in aerospace), operational performance (time and quality) as well as environmental impact along the entire lifecycle of the component/ system and industrial footprint resilience.


Stéphane Albernhe


Julien Lamarque-Lacoste
Rémy Bonnery
Senior Project Manager
Guillaume Hue


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