Large Project Programs

Large Project Management

In Large Programs industries (such as Aerospace – Defense – Security, Transportation – Logistics and Energy) , the ability to deliver Projects on performance, on cost, on quality and on time is critical. Companies having developed robust capabilities in Program Management will enjoy a strong competitive advantage, while others may encounter significant difficulties.

Having participated in Programs among the most important and complex of their time, Archery has developed proprietary methodologies and best practices to increase maturity and robustness of Programs, help customers secure their key milestones and deliverables while at the same time optimizing margin at completion.


Defense OEM

Archery has conducted a Recovery engagement on a strategic Defense Program for a system integrator in the Defense sector. Several additional dimensions have been covered:

  • An organization dimension, with the definition of roles and responsibilities, the delegation chain and governance, as well as first level indicators.
  • The review of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), the definition of Work Packages, and the formalized content of the commitments.
  • The project controls, with the review of the integrated planning, the definition of physical progress, earned value management and the mechanism to secure budget at completion.

Space Player

Archery has participated to the structuring and launch of a major European Program for a Space platform supplier Archery team members worked hand-in-hand with our customers’ teams and with the team members of all major players from 6 countries and on 3 complementary strategic issues. The engagement was conducted in 3 steps.

  • First, the policy of split of responsibilities between the major players of each country was reviewed with an objective of improving the overall efficiency of the consortium.
  • In a second step, Re-Use options were examined systematically on two levels, the technical and the industrial level, to optimize development cost in the short term and production costs in the medium term, and to prepare the expected increase in production rate.
  • Finally, iteration loops were implemented and facilitated between all players to converge on a global platform optimization.


Stéphane Albernhe


Bertrand Mouly-Aigrot

Partner and Managing Director France

Matthias Feix
Partner and Managing Director Germany
Guillaume Hue
Julien Lamarque-Lacoste
Grégoire de Belenet


Arthur Séjor


Rémy Bonnery



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