Maturity and Supply Chain performance

Maturity and Supply Chain performance

Archery’s industries (Aerospace – Defense – Security, Transportation – Logisitics – Mobility and Energy – Environment) are often characterized by a high level of specialization of the Supply Chain and a limited number of both suppliers and customers, which can lead to co-dependencies. In a Large Program, the failure of a strategic supplier can have a dramatic impact on operations. Therefore, it is the responsibility of industrial players to monitor and manage the performance of their Supply Chain to collectively achieve the required level of performance.

Archery is used to accompanying  its customers in identifying Supply Chain risks and co-constructing action plans with key suppliers to address the main issues. Archery can also help OEMs identify key areas of improvement in their industries and relevant Industrial Policy actions to undertake in order to improve collective performance.


Tier-1 Aerospace player

Archery worked on fostering the performance & maturity of the supply chain function of a Tier-1 aeronautic firm facing recurrent shortages of quantities sourced and quality issues, and the organization had gone into “fire-fighting mode”, with poorly mature practices giving a limited level of anticipation and a lack of coordination leading to poorly managed interfaces. Archery helped identify the most important shortages for the 5 most critical categories of products, prioritized the categories based on criticality and complexity and elaborated an action plan to fix issues.

Nuclear Energy player

Archery supported a major in the Energy in building its performance/ maturity plan to ensure end-to-end parts manufacturing/ industrial processes conformity : Supplier production monitoring (non-conformity parts check, process/ procedure surveillance), Review of supplier qualification process and Performance/ maturity audit and improvement plan definition if required.


Stéphane Albernhe


Bertrand Mouly-Aigrot

Partner and Managing Director France

Matthias Feix
Partner and Managing Director Germany
Julien Lamarque-Lacoste
Grégoire de Belenet


Arthur Séjor


Rémy Bonnery



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