Renewable energies – The multidimensional challenge of clean energy

No doubt that renewable energies will represent a significant part of energy production in the future. The penetration of “green” electricity production technologies in the energy mix is already high in several countries. However, the technical / economical maturity of many of those technologies is still low and the associated infrastructures (grid, storage…) and markets (energy aggregation, dynamic use of the produced energy…) are still at their early stages. All the players of this sector will need to find solutions to solve this equation. The designers of renewable production systems will need to reduce the full cost of their technologies, to master their product development process, and to be able to propose efficient prototyping and industrialization. The grid administrators, facing massive investments, will have to implement a dynamic and de-centralized monitoring of their infrastructures and to review their business models partially relying on potential revenues from big aggregators. Finally, the energy suppliers will need to cope with a broad diversity of production technologies. The integrated ones will have to consider the difficult choice of vertical disintegration.


Stéphane Albernhe


Julien Lamarque-Lacoste

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