Implementation/Acceleration of PBL- Contracts

PBL contracts exist for more than 20 years in the U.S. and for about 10 years in Europe and the relevance is increasing, especially in the Aerospace and Defense sector. Performance-Based Contracts are agreements between customers (e.g., army, infrastructure operator) & service providers (e.g., OEM, Logistics & MRO Provider) with the goal to ensure high operational availability of assets.

PBL Contracts are relevant because they 

  • they tie compensation directly to the achievement of objectives,  
  • align stakeholder interests, 
  • encourage accountability and responsibility, and 
  • foster innovation.  

Are you looking to improve system availability, reduce lifecycle costs or increase the overall effectiveness of your Performance-Based Logistics Contracts?

At Archery we have developed 5 guiding principles, which will help you, to successfully master your challenges, in all contract phases:   

✅ Contracting 

✅ Transition/Ramp-up 

✅ Run Mode 

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