Synthesis – Hydrogen series in partnership with Zenon – Episode 2

In its RepowerEU plan, the EU has announced target of 10Mt of green hydrogen (ie. hydrogen produced by electrolysers powered by wind and solar power) production by 2030 (vs. 0.012 Mt in 2020).

Are those objectives achievable? This is the question addressed in the second episode of our Hydrogen series, in partnership with Zenon.

While the technology is rather mature, producing 10Mt of green hydrogen by 2030 represents a major industrial challenge:

– Installed electrolyser capacity needs to grow about 83%/year until 2030 – much faster than PV has ever achieved
– About 500 TWh of electricity will be required to power those electrolysers (about a third of the EU planned additional production until 2030)
– Completing renewable hydrogen with steam reforming + carbon capture would release the pressure on new renewable electricity capacity, at least in the short to medium term where it is likely to be scarce.

For the full report, please go to this article.

More details on what this ramp up implies and which industrial obstacles to overcome in the synthesis attached.