Zenon x Archery – The Hydrogen Series I Full Report

We are pleased to launch a series of studies on the prospects of the low-carbon hydrogen industry, in partnership with Zenon, with the release of our first episode!
If the role of hydrogen in the energy transition is undeniable, the technological and industrial challenges are important and raise many questions, which we address in this series.
This first episode gives an overview of the production technologies of the molecule:
❔ Which technologies to decarbonize the current production of hydrogen, which is currently responsible for 2.5% of global GHG emissions?
❔ Are these technologies mature, efficient and low-carbon enough to reach the 10Mt low-carbon hydrogen domestic production target by 2030, as ambitioned by the REPowerEU Plan?
❔ Is electrolysis the only way forward in the short term? And in the long term?

Click here to download the full report.