Multinational Aerospace & Defense Program Management

How to ensure the Success of Multinational Aerospace & Defense Programs?

The European Defense Market

With the war in Eastern Europe the issue of defense readiness of European and NATO allies has high priority on the political agenda. This leads to increased military spending and investment in R&T.


Growing recognition to increase defense spending.

European Commission promotes and co-finances joint defense projects.

Expenditure on Research and Technology Innovation grow

Germany has created €100 bn. “Sondervermögen”.

France is planning €60 bn. Annual budget on defense development by 2030.

European Defence Agency spent €672 Mio. on projects and programs in 2022.

Main challenges in Multinational Aerospace & Defense Programs

Multinational Aerospace & Defense Programs often suffer from

  • deviating objectives
  • misalignment between partner countries
  • challenges between industry partners

➜ These challenges need to be addressed early. If not, they can endanger the overall success of the program.

Key factors for the success of Multinational Aerospace & Defense Programs

Set up robust and efficient program management processes
  • Formalize detailed Program Management Plan
  • Set up effective decision taking process
  • Execute process and tool deployment plan
Deploy data-driven program performance monitoring
  • Create shared integrated schedules
  • Monitor progress in an aligned way
  • Clearly specify Program Management-related data flows
Form highly-motivated and collaborative multinational working mode
  • Build partnership’s branding
  • Invest in intensive multinational team building phase
  • Promote fact-based open discourse between all partners


Our aerospace & defense Program Management maturity assessment is based on two important pillars:

External Program Management and Detailed Action Plan

1. PM practices importance evaluation

According to program phase i.e. program start, ramp-up and run mode.

Which PM practices are key to ensure Program success in the current phase?

First evaluation proposed by Archery and challenged through senior management interviews.

2. PM practices maturity assessment

PM practice maturity assessed along 2 dimensions:

  • Performance of current PM practice (for the early program stage – confidence level to reach the expected performance) and comparison with best practices
  • Implementation status (not, defined, defined, agreed, fully implemented, cont. improved)

Interviews with key functions to collect input required for the assessment.

3. Prioritization of PM practices to be enhanced

  • Identification of most important and less mature PM practices
  • Validation of the perimeter to be addressed with project team

4. Detailed action plan

Based on the identified areas for improvement a detailed action plan gets cooperatively developed.

Archery´s activities during implementation phase: 

Foster alignment between partners

Facilitate key cross-functional tasks

Spot capacity support

Archery’s AEROSPACE & DEFENSE Program Management Framework

We address all Program Management Practices considering the program phase and providing transparency on when to enhance which brick of the action plan.

Program Management elements
  • Project organization and government
  • Project baseline
  • Project steering and monitoring
  • Customer Management
  • Solution Execution Management

Archery’s AEROSPACE & DEFENSE Program Management Experience

Our strategic consultants have lots of experience regarding the efficient launch of multinational aerospace & defense programs and the acceleration of existing projects.

Some of our recent aerospace & mulitnational defense program Management projects

Enhancement of program management practices in a multinational military context.

Initial program management setup and baselining.

Identification of engineering bottlenecks and re-baselining of a space program.

Contruction of a recovery action plan to secure critical milestones of a military program.

Our Experts

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You would like to learn more about how we can ensure the success of your MDP? Contact us now for an individual first consultation.


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